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Everything you need to know about mattress sizes

Apart from personal preference, there are certain factors to be considered while choosing the right mattress size for you. Some of these criteria could be the size of the room, who you share the mattress with and the size of bed / cot / frame you have. Since you buy the mattress for the long term, ensure that you take the effort to measure your bed with an inch tape to avoid mistakes.

Mattress shopping can be a little too complex for common people. You need to watch out for many important factors to ensure that you buy the best fit because a bad mattress means a sub-optimal sleep, an unrested body, and loss of productivity and efficiency in your daily life.

While the basic physical properties like fabric, feel, and make are all important, there is one more crucial aspect that guides your choice of mattress - size and dimensions. A right-sized mattress ensures that you sleep well without worrying about the space on your bed. Add the perfect height to the mattress mix and you get a mattress that also provides the best support and comfort.

When it comes to mattresses, there is literally “no one size fits all”. With varied choices in size and the not-so-significant differences in dimensions of various mattresses, you are bound to get confused while picking the best fit for yourself. But mattress buying doesn’t have to be too confusing. To make the mattress choosing easier and seamless, you must equip yourself with the basic knowledge about mattress sizes and dimensions. This mattress size guide provides all the relevant information about mattress sizes that will be immensely helpful to you while picking your new mattress.

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For a standard single size bed

The compact mattress is most suitable for teens and children and is one of the most common selling mattresses on the market. However, Single-size mattresses are generally not a good choice for full-grown adults. Also, If you need more room to stretch while sleeping, Single-size mattresses may not be the best choice because of their limited width.

  • Width is always 35 or 36 inches. The length can be 72 inches, 75 inches or 78 inches.
  • Height refers to the thickness of mattress that ranges between 4” - 10”


For a standard double size bed

Twin-size mattress is a wider cousin of Single-size mattress. Ideal for single adults and small spaces. Twin-size mattress gives you extra width to stretch yourself while sleeping and allows you to be a little more carefree with the space on your bed. The Twin-size mattress is also a good fit for students and work-from-home professionals who love the comfort of their bed while studying or working. The extra space on the mattress also makes it convenient to accommodate pets. For smaller spaces and compact guest rooms, Twin-size mattresses can be a great fit.

  • Width is always 42 or 48 inches. The length can be 72 inches, 75 inches or 78 inches.
  • Height refers to the thickness of mattress that ranges between 4” - 10”


For a standard queen size bed

Queen-size mattress is one of the most popular mattress sizes amongst couples.A Queen-sized mattress can accommodate couples, however, if both the sleepers need a lot of space to sprawl, the mattress may fall short. A Queen-size mattress is also a great choice for single adults who need a big bed to themselves. The mattress provides a bigger space to stretch and lie down with your pets than the space in a Twin-size mattress. A queen-size mattress is the optimum fit for your guest room as it’s big enough to accommodate a couple of sleepers at a time.

  • Width is always 60 or 66 inches. The length can be 72 inches, 75 inches or 78 inches.
  • Height refers to the thickness of mattress that ranges between 4” - 10”


For a standard king size bed

King size mattress is the best choice for a master bedroom. The wider sleeping space ensures minimal disturbances when your sleeping partner changes sleeping postures frequently or takes intermittent breaks during a single sleep episode. You can also get a split option in King-size mattress, in which two mattresses measuring 72” by 36” are placed side by side. Splitting would help couples when they have different mattress preferences for sleep comfort and body support. With enough space, each partner can have his/her own mattress to sleep properly, while being on the same bed.

  • Width is always 70 or 72 inches. The length can be 72 inches, 75 inches or 78 inches.
  • Height refers to the thickness of mattress that ranges between 4” - 10”

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