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What is Flat Pack Furniture?

Flat Pack Furniture also known as Knock down furniture, ready to assemble (RTA) furniture, self-assembled furniture, or do it yourself (DIY) furniture – all these different names refer to the same type new-age furniture that can be assembled by the customers themselves. Self-assembly furniture are incredibly popular and preferred furniture because of their affordability.

The popularity of buying self-assembling furniture has grown massively since its invention over 50 years ago. These days a large majority of people’s homes and offices have been furnished with some of these purchases. If you haven’t yet succumbed to the innovative style of the flat pack then consider some of these advantages and disadvantages before you take the plunge.

When you get knock-down furniture delivered to your house, you get the separate components packed in carton boxes with instructions on how to assemble them on your own. Tools, screws, and nuts should be your best friends when dealing with flat-packs. Depending on the piece of furniture, they can have 5 components to assemble, or over 50.

One of the most known flat pack retailers is IKEA, with stores in over 25 countries.

What is Flat Pack Furniture Made From?

Knock down furniture come in a variety of engineered wood, such as plywood, medium-density fibreboard, chipboard or particle boards, commercial boards, and so on. Furniture manufacturers transport the parts which can be assembled on site. The designs can also be customized according to consumer needs. This has created an element of flexibility in the use of home space for the modern urban living.

Modular home furniture manufacturers are offering some top of the line knock down products to liven up your homes. These include furniture items for a modular bedroom, kitchen storage solutions, book storage units, tables, and so on.

KD Fittings

What are Knock Down (KD) Fittings?

Knock-down fittings are those used in modular furniture in modern homes these days. These fittings are those that help put the furniture or a product together quickly and easily without using clamps and any glue. The product can be put together by simply using a screwdriver, a drill, a hammer and similar basic tools. These joints are just temporary joints that can be dismantled and assembled whenever necessary. Some are used to permanent joints for products like cabinets, etc. that come in a flat pack.

Advantages of knock-down Fittings

The modern knock down fitting hardware has a nylon bushing. The screwing and drilling is done in this nylon bushing that doesn’t increase the furniture or any product joint-hole like before.

  • Knock-Down fittings offer simple construction techniques for hard and difficult materials like MDF, particle board, etc.
  • Knock-Down fittings allow huge and heavy products like wardrobes, kitchen units, etc. to sold and transported as flat packs and be assembled at home.
Design is not just what is look like, Design is how it's work.

Make it more awesome

With the right taste of selection of colors and textures together, give this form of furniture a soothing look and feel.

Being a modular furniture manufacturer, we have realised that, this form of furniture having a mass appeal and synergy. Daksh Interiors is having a top quality production facility and expertise in this domain.


Article By Pankaj Chawla

He is an Architect by profession and having a taste in luxurious & more practical form of interior, thats why working since long into this field as an Interior Architect.